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Next Level is Houston's premier
E-Sports and gaming club.

Offering console, PC, and tabletop play, Next Level will be your home for social and competitive gaming!

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Next level Is

Your home for competitive gaming.
Regular tournaments scheduled across all major platforms
and tabletop gaming titles -
PC and Console gaming
Participate in team-based or head-to-head competitions on titles such as
League of Legends, Overwatch, PUBG, Hearthstone, and Fortnite.
Whether you’re a hardcore tournament-based gamer or a social gamer, we will have something for you. Try our Virtual Reality gaming or roll the dice in our tabletop gaming area!
So, get ready Houston… it’s time to take your gaming experience to the Next Level!


Players Voice

M. Monbaron

“I was able to attend the Next Level Smash Bros. Tournament at Eureka Heights Brew Company and had a phenomenal time. From top to bottom this was a great experience and the Next Level staff were incredibly helpful and their excitement was contagious. Houston will finally have a place that gamers can call home!”

Next Level E-Sports Player - M Monbaron

S. Amezcua Jr. “PrimalSurge”

“Had a hella fun time at the Next Level Overwatch FFA tournament. The scene was totally hype. They never saw my Winston coming. Can’t wait for the arena to come out, compete in 6v6s, leave my and my teams mark on how much we want to go pro. Keep at it guys!”

Next Level E-Sports Player - S Amezcua Jr

A. Attique

“These guys really have a pulse on what Houston gamers want because they are gamers themselves. You can tell they are passionate about creating a home for gamers. I can’t wait to have date night at Next Level!”

Next Level E-Sports Player - A Attique

S. Johnson

“The vision that these guys have for the gaming community is so awesome and LONG overdue. It’s great to know we have a place coming where competitors from all over Houston can get together and have a great time. I am looking forward to beating them all.”

Next Level E-Sports Player - S Johnson


The environment that the guys at Next Level E-Sports provide is phenomenal, professional, and it makes you wonder why haven’t they done this sooner. Would recommend any gamers in the greater Houston area to check Next Level E-Sports.”

A. Oliver

“Next Level is exactly the kind of organization and venue that Houston needs to help the local e-sports scene to take off!”

Next Level E-Sports Player - A Oliver

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A huge thank you to our amazing crowdfunding contributors! You made Next Level E-Sports possible!

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