How Overwatch got it right for E-Sports

How Overwatch got it right for e-Sports |

Overwatch has been out for quite some time and has worked out many of its kinks. But what I don’t hear enough about is how Blizzard has made it so easy for E-Sports arenas like ours to provide quality tournaments and commentary with their built-in tools provided in their client.

Let’s talk about custom game creation. If you are an Overwatch player, this is not going to be new to you. However, the ability to create and save preset game types is underrated. For a tournament organizer, this is an invaluable tool to have. Being able to create a private game with spectators is a game-changer – literally and figuratively – and it boggles the mind why other game designers don’t implement this tool from the start.

How Overwatch got it right for E-Sports

From the Overwatch settings page, you can change every aspect of the game. You can choose how many people can participate in each game, what map you will use for your throwdown, and even which heroes are allowed. Once you set all of that custom information, you can easily save it as a preset that you can later access under the “Presets” section so you don’t have to reconfigure those settings in the future. This game can be accessed by “Invite Only,” “Friends Only,” or “Public,” which makes tournament management extremely easy.

How Overwatch got it right for E-Sports

Let’s talk about the importance of having spectators in the games. This feature is a Godsend for game commentators. Having the ability to spectate and move freely around the map to provide game commentary is truly under-appreciated. For small operations, this makes it so much easier for us to stream the tournament and provide game commentary without having a big production budget.

Overall, Overwatch got this right by implementing this in the regular game client, because they could have kept this feature for the “Overwatch League” only. Once other games grab this page from Blizzard, they’ll be more successful in becoming a true e-Sports game – and yes, I’m looking at you, Fortnite

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