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Next Level E-Sports | Overwatch


Wednesdays, 5 PM - Midnight

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Upcoming Overwatch Tournaments

There are no events of this type scheduled at this time.

There’s no better place to find an Overwatch game in Houston than NEXT LEVEL! You can join our meetups each Wednesday from 5 p.m. to midnight and find pickup games, meet other players and form a team for one of our many regular tournaments.

This is what it means to take your Overwatch gaming experience to the NEXT Level!

You and your squad will be the stars at NEXT LEVEL, where we have an epic 6x6 tournament stage, commentators and live streaming just like the pro tournaments. All of this, while playing on pro-quality gear. Our competition-class PCs have the new NVIDIA RTX 2080 graphics cards in order to give you the smoothest gameplay possible, all while running on our large 144Mhz pro quality monitors.

All of this to give you - the gamer, the most immersive gaming experience possible!

Next Level E-Sports Overwatch
Next Level E-Sports Overwatch

Got questions?

When are the Overwatch meetups

Next Level hosts Overwatch meetups every Wednesday from 5 p.m. to midnight.

What if I show up later after the meetups start?

No problem; you can show up any time that evening and get to meet players and potentially join in a game or find a team. Times aren’t strict and some may come early or stay late.

How good do I need to be to participate?

Anyone can participate in Next Level meetups or events. The goal is to create a community of Overwatch players of all skill levels to come together, improve their skills and enjoy the game.

Should I have a full squad formed before I show up?

No! The point of the meetup is to find other players. Teams are welcome to come and play, but this meetup is a great opportunity for you to find other players who want to form a team.

How much does it cost to come to the meetup?

If you would like to play games at the meetup, check our prices for hourly rates or day passes. However, it’s always free to come to a scheduled meetup to meet other players and hang out! Periodically, we’ll have special events which may have a sign-up fee. When that happens, you’ll see the price on the event’s info.

Can I bring my own gear?

Players can bring their own mice, joysticks, and controllers, but not full systems. And remember, Next Level offers pro-quality gear on all of our gaming setups!

How often do you have Overwatch tournaments?

Our tournaments are posted on our Tournaments and Events page, but we host regular competitions for Overwatch and a number of other gaming titles.

Next Level E-Sports Overwatch

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