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Tuesdays, 4:30 PM - Midnight

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That which does not kill you,

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There are no events of this type scheduled at this time.

Next Level E-Sports | Tabletop Gaming
Behold heroes!

At NEXT LEVEL, journey with friends in Dungeons and Dragons, duel and defeat your opponents in Magic The Gathering, or just have some fun in Ultimate Werewolf! These adventures and more are at your fingertips with an entire area dedicated to all tabletop gamers and games!
Whether you are a high level mage or a low-level warrior, whether you roll with a green stomp deck or a blue tempo deck, all are welcome at NEXT LEVEL!

So, bring your party or if you're looking for a group, journey no further!

Next Level E-Sports | Tabletop Gaming

Bring forth your questions!

When are the Tabletop meetups

Next Level hosts Tabletop fighting game meetups every Tuesday from 4:30 PM - midnight (or until the last dragon has been slain!)

What if I show up later after the meetups start?

No problem; you can show up any time that evening and get to meet players and potentially join in a game or find a team. Times aren’t strict and some may come early or stay late.

Are groups allowed?

Absolutely! If your group is already involved in a campaign, or you have groups of friends that wish to go head to head against in an epic card game battle - all are welcome! We have specialty gaming tables that can hold groups as small as 2 up to 10!

How much does it cost to come to the meetup?

If you would like to play games at the meetup, check our prices for hourly rates or day passes. However, it’s always free to come to a scheduled meetup to meet other players and hang out! Periodically, we’ll have special events which may have a sign-up fee. When that happens, you’ll see the price on the event’s info.

Can tables be reserved?

No. All gaming tables will be on a first come first served basis. However, for specialty events such as birthday parties, arrangements can be made. Please speak to a Next Level partner for more information or visit our Private Events page.

What if I don't have a group?

That’s what meetups are all about! Meeting up with other players. Some campaigns may need additional players. We will do our best to help facilitate this.

Will Next Level sell board games?

Not at first. Depending on the demand of our customers we would consider this in the future. In the meantime, feel free to bring your manuals, dice, card decks, and whatever tools you need to have an epic adventure!

Next Level E-Sports | Tabletop Gaming

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