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What Fortnite Lacks - NextLevelCG.com

here is no denying the impact that this style of game has on E-sports growth around the world. Kids and adults are playing Fortnite. Battle Royale has increased in popularity tremendously during the past year. And with the release of Call of Duty Black Ops 4, expect even more growth in the future. Although Fortnite has done great for the genre and the game itself, it’s truly missing the ranking competitive element of a true E-Sports game. This is the major flaw of the game so far..

Players like to know how they stack up against other players around the world. By not having a world ranking system, this game is making it hard for beginners and veterans alike.

A quick rundown of the game.

What Fortnite Lacks - NextLevelCG.comEach match starts with 100 players on the “battle bus.” However, this bus is filled with veterans like “Ninja”, “Nick Eh 30”, “Tfue” and rookies like “Platano” (Myself). As a rookie, I obviously don’t stand a chance against these guys. However, we are still placed in the same game. With the millions of people that play this game, it should be easy to get 100 noobs to go against each other without the worry of running into a player with thousands of gameplay hours.

The current situation in Fortnite competitions and E-Sports.

At the moment, it’s impossible for a small organization to get a custom competition because of the requirement to get private servers and other details. Games like Overwatch have NAILED it! (You can read my last blog post about this.) This is truly important for a game to be recognized as “E-Sports;” being able to host your own competitions in your city is truly important for the scene. We can find out who the best players are in the city and be able to properly set up a team to represent Houston at a competitive level.

Isn’t it about the players?

What Fortnite Lacks - NextLevelCG.comTo me, it seems like they are more focused on making new skins and cool dance moves to sell. I get it; Epic Games is a business and making money is the goal. However, they should also understand the importance of maintaining the momentum that games like Overwatch, League of Legends and CS:GO (to name a few) have created into making E-Sports a business here in the US.

I really hope they understand how badly they messed up by not introducing these features into the game from the start, as many others do. The current way people are hosting Fortnite competitions by counting points is a nightmare for the organizers and frustrating for the players since they often have to wait hours after their match to find out if they are moving forward into the competition or getting disqualified. Not fun. Fortnite should be working overtime to patch the game to make those things happen, which would make Fortnite a true E-Sports title.

About Platano

Oscar Diaz was born in the Dominican Republic, hence his gamertag “Platano.” He has been a gamer from the start, whether it was Street Fighter or the early days of PC gaming - he is also a veteran, having joined the U.S. Navy right out of high school. He purchased a PlayStation while on shore leave and began destroying noobs on SOCOM. Later, he built his own gaming PC and picked up World of Warcraft, something that his marriage has barely survived. “Unreal” tournament was huge for Oscar, and the fast-paced, highly competitive online environment with other players was a game-changer. Oscar’s current games lineup includes League of Legends, Overwatch, Cuphead, and Fortnite.

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